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The online space can be confusing - there is always a new hot "social media" site being launched and no shortage of companies who claim to be experts at doing it all.

The truth of the matter is that no one - including us - are experts in all media. We are Decisive Point, we offer two services: website design that increase engagement, and donors and search engine marketing (SEM) management through Google, Bing and Yahoo to also increase donors and raise awareness for your brand. We have over eight years of professional experience in the space and can use it to help you achieve your goals

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We do what is right for your organization, not what is trendy.

SEM is still one of the most cost effective channels, after email, to drive users to your site at a positive ROI. Once users get to your site, intuitive and persuasive website copy is important to guide them to the actions you want.

We will get to know your organization - your goals and objectives and create a plan that addresses any or all of the following:

(1) Professional and persuasive website design: we design and implement best practice website design and copy to increase the chances of successful conversions. As well as implement best practice on-page SEO tactics to help increase rankings.

(2) Getting more users to your site: Planning and executing SEM campaigns to get traffic to your site at an effective ROI.

(3) Analyzing and testing the results: Once they get to your site, we analyze, optimize and implement the learning to further increase the number of successful conversions.

Perhaps you need help on only one of these. That's ok, that's what we are here for, to help you.

We can help you utilize the full potential of your Brand to drive increases in:

Cost effective and always within budget

We realize that not every organization can afford having an agency on retainer - we offer fair billing. Our fees are based on the scope of the project, and they never increase. You can decide what fits your needs, hassle free.

You maintain control; while we help you achieve your goals.

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